About VillaMart

About Us

Villamart was conceived from a strong desire to make our villages better. We are on a mission to do something meaningful and bring fundamental changes in lives of our farmers and consumers. Villamart is a phygital platform where physical market place converges digitally to transform the supply chain and production efficiency in farming sector. Currently we are operating in few districts of Odisha and our goal is to bring our services to entire state by 2025 and expand to 10 different states


MISSION: To enhance food, farm and future


VISION: To become and stay as India’s most innovative and differentiated farm-to-fork platform

How we transform lives


  • Access to healthy food
  • Supermarket at doorstep


  • Get employed
  • Access to bank
  • Get empowered


  • Access to equipment
  • know-how and funds
  • Steady income


  • Access to legalized credit
  • Multiple income sources
  • Upgrade shop

Guiding principles that influence our choices

Directives for our socio-innovation journey that connects agriculture with technology

    Good for consumer

  • Healthy food
  • Natural, organic, fresh food ingredients
  • Immunity booster
  • Certified, traceable

    Good for Mother Earth

  • Natural agricultural practices
  • Leveraging the knowledge from Vedas
  • Eyes on the future

    Good for farmer

  • Steady income stream
  • Focus only on farming
  • Enabalement by experts
  • Access to financial institutions

    Good use of technology

  • Technology for farming, farmer and villages
  • AI/ML based demand prediction
  • Image analytics based quality grading

What People Say