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Villa Mart is working to build a Tech enabled responsible Supply Chain that will serve the farmers to sell their products easily. We are adopting a phyGital model to fulfill the demand and supply gap through F2C and F2B approach. Currently we are operating in few districts of Odisha and our goal is to bring our services to entire state of Odisha and expand to few neighboring states by 2025

Started our journey in 2017, Villamart aims to make the world a little bit healthier. We, at Villamart, wish to contribute largely in creating awareness about good food habits, making people more health conscious and bringing them close to nature. Also, we perform the forecasting of the customer needs, demands and investing in the best possible infrastructure.
We promote natural and organic foods which preserves the environment and provides wholesome nutrition & produced without the use of artificial chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers. We encourage small farmers who do chemical-free & organic farming and provide the best quality food across India at the best prices. Buy natural, desi & organic food from Villamart.
We work with local growers and suppliers sourcing only the highest quality products from the most reputable suppliers, support them up to the maximum extent, help them in bringing the culture of sustainable agriculture, providing them market platform and eventually bettering the lives of our farmers & other producers.
Our thorough knowledge about the conventional farming methods has been our back-bone and acts as a strong basis to what we do. Our tie-ups with leading farmers, distributors and transportation companies, makes logistics convenient and easy. All you have to do is let us know what you need!

Guiding principles that influence our choices

Directives for our socio-innovation journey that connects agriculture with technology
Good for consumer
Good for Mother Earth
Good for farmer
Good use of technology
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